Framework Architecture

Green Stack is a collaborative technology framework that eliminates the barriers created by disjointed building technologies.

Alongside your existing BACnet automation system, Green Stack uses a BACnet edge device to connect your building management systems to a holistic management UI with purpose-built engineering tools to improve the building engineering experience and unify operations across your portfolio.

Key Benefits

With Green Stack, you can:

  • Create intelligent digital models (digital twins) of your facilities and their mechanical systems

  • View and control BACnet building automation systems

  • Aggregate point alarm and sensor fault notifications

  • Collect time-interval BACnet point data, including current value, event state, and priority array

  • Track system commands and updates across all platforms

  • Use reporting and visualization tools to combine facility data across your entire portfolio

Framework Components

Green Stack is comprised of the following core components:

Green Stack Edge

Green Stack Edge is an on-premise compute device that interacts directly with BACnet devices on the building network and makes them accessible in Green Stack Cloud. The edge device also runs automation logic, monitors network health, and collects time-series BACnet point readings.

Green Stack Cloud

Green Stack Cloud is a centralized digital model of your connected buildings that aggregates building data and makes them extensible with the Green Stack REST API.

Green Stack UI

The Green Stack UI is a web-based application that allows you to manage all of your connected facilities. The UI application can be installed on any device to manage your connected facilities from anywhere.

The Green Stack platform uses a structured data model to describe platform resources. Resources are represented as JSON objects and follow a common schema pattern.

Resource Model

Every resource has at least two global properties: id and type

  • The id property is the UUID of the resource. If it is a subordinate resource, the UUID is of the root resource.

  • The type property is, as the name implies, the type of resource. The resource type identifies which schema model is used to describe the resource.

The following additional global properties are present on root objects:

Quotas & Resource Limits

Green Stack controls resource access and API operations using a flexible feature and quota subscription system. Not all features and resources may be available to you or your tenant account.

Resource Quotas

Some platform objects are measured against a pre-defined usage quota. Quota-based object usage is determined at the tenant account level.

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