Getting Started

Welcome to Green Stack!

Green Stack is a building technology platform that consolidates your building operations into a user-friendly interface and lets you manage connected buildings from anywhere.

With Green Stack, you can:

  • Create digital twins of your physical spaces

  • Connect your building automation system and control your buildings from anywhere

  • Manage building energy usage

  • Share building data with vendors and contractors

Create a new account

To create a new account:

  1. Check your email and click the activation link

  2. Provide your email and a secure password to create a new Counterbalance ID account

Your new account is now activated.

Initial Configuration

Once your account is activated, you can use the initial configuration wizard to set basic system preferences and configure your new Green Stack tenant account.

The configuration wizard allows you to:

  • Select Language

  • Set Color Scheme

  • Share Location or Set a Default Location

  • Set Regional Settings

  • Configure System Sounds

Congratulations - your new Green Stack account is configured and ready to go!

Next Steps

Here are some suggested next steps to get the most out of your new Green Stack account:

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